Hello 2010. 🙂

With less a week and a day left (InshaAllah), and with me being so far, all I can do is hope and pray.
And list down last minute ideas and things to do.

I recently emailed the person who will be responsible for my hair and makeup on that day.
I told her I did not want my hair up in a bun. I do not want to already round face to look even rounder. :p
Plus, how can you not want to look like these beauties….

 I will already be wearing a veil, would it look to crowded with added flowers ?
 Simple yet beautiful !
My favourite !

Pictures credit to Google. 🙂

As my akad is scheduled to start around 10 am, the makeup session would start around 7 am. Argghh, so early !
As for the reception, she told me that she will have to start on me by 4 pm, as she needs to work on my hair too. That’s almost four hours !
Well, anything to look good on that day, eh ? 🙂

As I am typing this, Sal is in KL shopping for my hantaran deco. I’m trusting her with everything !
I have even asked her to make my hand bouquets for me. Haha.

I have bought flight tickets to go back on Thursday evening. Yes, that would leave me with only ONE day before it all takes place. As crazy as it may sound, there’s really nothing much I can do about it. I’m hoping I will manage to get everything ready within 24 hours.

I am planning to get our bantal nikah that Thursday evening itself, as soon as I arrive in KL.
I am still contemplating on whether I should put on the henna two nights before or just the night before ? A friend of mine suggested that I use henna from Mekah (inai Mekah), which she will be bringing to work for me. It lasts longer than the usual tube ones. I have those tube ones though as I thought I will apply that over the first layer of inai Mekah to darken the colour.
The thing is, I will be heading to Jalan TAR on Friday morning (InshaAllah) to get my wedding dress, so if I am feeling a little bit embarassed to go out with my fingers coloured when I have not officially tied the knot yet. How eh ?

On that Friday, I also have to get the eggs for the bunga pahar, chocolates and fruits for the hantaran.

How long do boiled eggs last ? Can I boil them the night before ?
Sorry, I honestly do not know the answer to that question. Sobs.

I am obviously freaking out now.

I need to relax.
I need to relax.

Melissa R.

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6 Comments on 2010.

  1. i love your favorite too.. hehehe..

    aida aritu nikah pukul 9pagi beb, mekap pkl 7 mmg kelam kabut.. make sure pkl 7 mak andam dah start mekap u ok? sblm nikah bole rileks2 kjap.. 🙂

    since reception lelaki 2 minggu selepas.. better jgn pki inai tube tu.. mine pki inai beli kat mydin je.. sampai skrg pekat lagi.. ;p
    (inai serbuk nama HASINA – rm1.80 or rm1.20 camtu kot.. huhuhu)

    just berkongsi.. gud luck..

  2. upss.. bout the eggs..

    klu ikut mine aritu.. mase beli telor tu tanye dulu telor baru ke lame.. klu bole amek yg paling baru.. tahan lame klu yg baru..

    rebus sehari sebelum.. insyaAllah ok.. telor kenduri aritu pun ahad lepas mkn ok lagi.. 🙂

    (tips for rebus telor : rebusan 1st 1hour sharp.. 2nd trip 45min sharp)

  3. Aida, thanks so so much tau !
    But my kenduri malam, takpe ke rebus sehari sebelum eh ? And tak berapa paham tips rebusan telur, ada 1st trip 2nd trip ?
    Haha lembab nya saya. Isk.

  4. camni.. telor kan byk… then mesti tak leh nak rebus semua sekali dalam periuk tu.. so masak utk kali yg pertama tu masak sejam.. dah ckp sejam tu angkat dan rebus pulak telo yang lain (2nd trip) 45min aje.. ok? huhuhu

    tak sabar nak tgk dress merah awk.. huhuhu.. see ya insyaAllah

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