It was one year ago (according to the Islamic calendar) that Mr Sunshine and I were blessed with the gift of our precious Dian Khayla ! Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah. 


My baby is now a toddler ! *wipes tears*

Dearest Dian Khayla, Mummy prays that you will grow up to be a good Muslim. Mummy and Ayah love you to bits. You’re the apple of our eyes, you  light up our days and nights. I miss you everyday !

Thank you Allah.


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6 Comments on 13 ramadhan 1433H

  1. Mumy Salisha: Ameen. Ameen. Thanks so much kak !

    Felicia: Thanks Aunt Feli !! *sloppy kisses from Khayla*

    Dina: Happy 1st birthday Zabi Aydan !!! I’m getting so emotional lah. *nangissss*

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